Saturday, November 29, 2008

Santa Clara - Heafey Law Library

This past semester I have overheard several, if not many, students complaining about Santa Clara Law, for one reason or another. There complaints have been numerous, and often contrastive in nature.  Some claim that the professors are mindless, and incapable of educating anyone.  Others claim the school's reputation (we exist in a giant shadow of Stanford) will keep them from achieving their career aspirations.  A few students are striving do well on exams, just so they can transfer out, transfer "up", to a better University.  I can only say, "good luck".  

I truly like it here at Santa Clara Law.  I have never been happier in one of my decisions.  Yet, there is one major flaw with this University...and I am sitting in it.

The Heafey Law Library is abysmal (at best).  It does not encourage great thought, but serves to seemingly crush one's soul.  It's appearance is repugnant, it is poorly lit, and the architectural design would be best described as post-nothing.   It is neither spacious, nor inspirational,  but a stark, sterile atmosphere wherein my hopes and dreams of a legal career actually serving the public, and making a true difference in the world, comes to die.

I know, this may seem harsh and undeserved.  After all, the library is functional.  It even has a facebook page (I certainly will never 'Become a Fan').  Maybe I should just suck it up for a few more weeks.  And while I am here,  I should at least attempt to be garnishing wisdom and knowledge, instead of writing this nonsense!  

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