Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Do you Yahoo!? I Hope Not

Yahoo, the search engine that is quickly becoming nugatory in the wake of Google, released its list of the top search queries for 2008. 

Surprisingly, Barrack Obama was NOT the number one search; he finished a measly third.  Who, or what, could possibly have been more important to generate a greater number of searches than Obama in 2008?! 

Wait for it...Britney Spears and WWE (yes, World Wrestling Entertainment).  Obama finished third, followed by the endlessly annoying Miley Cyrus (its Miley!), and the online game Runescape (which I have never even heard of before) as the fifth most searched-for term.  

Not only is this list indicative of the misguided priorities of  people who actually still use Yahoo!, but it concerns me because it reveals that there exists (somewhere!) a large group of people who think that Britney Spears, Miley Cyrus and professional wrestling are the most pressing topics of the day.  

Or, maybe these people are so enlightened that they do not need to search for other, possibly more significant information, but instead have enough time to log-in to see whether Britney "did it again"[she did], or whether HHH is still kicking ass in WWE [he is].

[Google has not yet released its top searches for 2008, but Spears and the WWE did not even make an appearance on the 2007 Zeitgeist ]


ACorso said...


My step-dad works at "Yahoo!".

ACorso said...

And excellent use of the word nugatory.

And we thought law school wouldn't teach us a thing.