Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Things to Come?

President elect Barrack Obama has already created 450 new jobs!  And it only will cost Congress $5.2 Million!  Change is surely underfoot...

In all fairness, Barrack Obama's transitional team is likely to be the integral device that will (hopefully) allow this new administration to hit the ground running.  The team plans on devoting the majority of its effort on the most pressing problems presenting our nation: fixing the economic mess and resolving issues of national security.  The transitional team has also announced that the will focus extensively on the "task of building government"; if they are suggesting that our government is in need of some 'building',  then someone sure as hell better break out the tool-set.

Fortunately, that looks to be just what Obama is intending to do.  

The overwhelming fashion in which Obama carried the election,  thrust him into a position of popular mandate.  He has claimed his "bully pulpit"... and rightfully so.   The political and social dynamic in the country is one in which a powerful, yet seemingly humble leader such as Obama can excel.  He has the opportunity to 'fix things'.  The democratic majorities in the Senate and the House will, in all likelihood, stand behind his  decisions.  Even most republicans will back him in the 'spirit of bipartisanship', and because they also realize what kind leader Barrack Obama is going to be. But the questions will remain;  how far and for how long will the people of this country stand behind our Government?

Change we need, yes! But will that change come? When will that change come? And perhaps, most importantly, will our nation be willing to be patient and persistent if that change is not immediately forthcoming upon President Obama's arrival in office?

The point is, this transition team IS the right step. Still, even with its $12 million price tag (the rest of the funding will come from private donations, under $5,000 each...break out your check books!), this team may NOT produce immediate, salient changes.  This transition team might ultimately be the foundation for one of the most efficient, resourceful and triumphant presidencies in the history of our nation.  Or, perhaps the best we can hope for, is that they can get that 'George Bush smell' out of the drapes in the Oval Office before Obama sets up camp. 

Will America be willing to be patient, and make the sacrifices that Obama has hinted are necessary, before we even see the light at the end of this tunnel?  Before we see a hope for change of things to come?

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