Friday, June 12, 2009

Tokyo City: Day One

Email: To Joe Hammill, Justin Romagnola, Rochester, New York
From: Akasaka, Tokyo, 13 June 2009 8:08:13

Hey Dudes! Its 8 am here! Just chomped on some grilled fish and rice for breakfast! It was actually very delicious.

Anyways, got in last night. Everything was fine through customs/immigration. It all seems like one big haze because of the jet-lag. But I made it to the hotel, and they actually had my room reserved and all!

I walked around the area for a little bit, trying to find something to eat. I ended up in some fast-food looking place pointing to a picture of something and saying "Can I have this one?" I think it was chicken....but who can be sure?! Not knowing any of the language definitely works as a handicap, but so far it has also been fun being completely outside my element.

I am going to try to navigate the subway today...and then I have to hunker down a little and iron my clothes and stuff for the next week. Mari(Keiko's friend) is meeting me tomorrow at 3 to show me a couple of the closer city districts. I have the program orientation Sunday night, and classes begin on Monday.

Thats all for now...I will update you guys again soon. Pics to follow (I hope, pending my ability to operate the camera).


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