Saturday, October 31, 2009

What is Scarier this Halloween...Another Saw Movie or the Bay Bridge?

If you have not yet heard about the closing of the Bay Bridge in San Francisco/Oakland, or have not yet seen this frightening image, be sure to also check out this very technical and informative article on whole fiasco (via Slashdot).

As you can see from the photos in the article, and from the now infamous Twitpic (which looks like something straight out of the movie Cloverfield), the entire incident was both extremely alarming and inherently dangerous. The bridge is currently closed indefinitely for emergency repairs. This closure comes on the heels of a Bay Bridge closure for scheduled repair work several weeks ago.

This accident not only creates a logistical nightmare for the two cities, but has caused havoc throughout the entire bay area. BART, the public transportation system, has tried to ramp up its services, however the convenience of the Bay Bridge itself cannot easily be replicated for those who have come to rely on it each and every day. The I-880 alternate route is predictably overcrowded and uncertainty looms regarding future accessibility.

On top of everything, the closure of the Bridge is costing the State hundreds of thousands of dollars in much needed toll revenue.

With today being Halloween, it is downright scary to acknowledge that California is now literally falling apart. All things considered, we can look ahead toward Thanksgiving and at least be thankful that no one was injured or killed, or that the damage to the Bridge was worse (who knows, by then the Bay Bridge may even be operable!)

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